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2000 to 2010 2000 to 2010
2010 to Present 2010 to Present


First to introduce:

  • PVT Laboratory, Positive Displacement Pumps & bottom hole samplers
  • Downhole pressure and temperature gauges
  • Leak Repair Fitting for cross country pipelines


First to introduce:

  • Reda Pump’s Electrical Submersible Pumps for onshore and offshore fields.
  • Tubular running, fishing services and rental of Down Hole Drilling tools
  • H2S Cascade SCBA system rental & services for offshore Drilling campaign.


First to introduce:

  • Sump Caissons & Skim Piles for removal of oil from water on Offshore Process Platforms
  • Drill Cuttings Reinjection Technology & Services for Oil based mud drilling offshore India
  • CNG Compressors, Cascades + Dispensers for use of CNG as an auto fuel
  • 96” Quick Opening Closure for ASME Pressure Vessel.
  • Linear Motion Shale Shakers for Sagar Vijay Drillship
  • Variable Elevators for Pipe Handling for many offshore drilling rigs.


First to introduce:

  • Transient Multiphase Flow Assurance Modelling software
  • Training workshops on Under Balanced Drilling, Horizontal Wells, Stuck Pipe Prevention and Deepwater Drilling

2000 to 2010

First to provide:

  • Consulting services for due diligence of overseas assets & Licensing Rounds, Flow Assurance
  • QUESTOR Offshore & Onshore, DEEPEST & ASSET software for Techno-Economics.
  • Scouting reports, E&P, G&G & Mid-stream databases
  • Assessment of Oil & Gas technical competencies from IHRDC Boston for an E&P company
  • Joint development of Exploration Action e-Learning Programme for an NOC.
  • 48” Sub-Sea Leak Repair Fitting

2010 to Present

First to provide:

  • Petroleum Business workshop from IHRDC Boston
  • Reactive Liner Perforating charges
  • High Pressure (25.4 MPa) Quick Opening Closures & Pig Signallers
  • Introduced Radial Jetting Micro CTU based Production enhancement technology
  • 1st time ever e-line Well intervention provided to National Oil Company in India