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SK Oilfield’s birth: its years of infancy, adolescence and adulthood

When Raj Kanwar started business in 1970 as the accredited representative in India of reputed overseas companies manufacturing equipment for E&P sector, his was the first such small business to make an entry into this new exciting territory. There were two or three major corporate entities at that time that had set up separate agency divisions to cater to the needs of this unchartered market. Raj was not only a sole proprietor but also a one-man army.

With the assistance of a part time secretary, he began sending letters to foreign companies seeking their representation in India. His approach was ingenious; his letters to foreign companies were convincing enough to goad two of them to repose their faith in the ability of an individual in preference to large companies. Gradually, year by year more and more foreign companies came into Raj Kanwar’s stable until the count of overseas principals reached a dozen. In the course of the following 10 years, Raj Kanwar was able to establish a name for himself in the then nascent Oil & Natural Gas Commission (ONGC). The only other E&P company at that time was Oil India Limited headquartered in Duliajan, Assam in the North Eastern part of India.

In February 1980, Raj’s proprietary firm was incorporated into a private limited company under the name of SK Oilfield Equipment Company Private Limited. Raj and his wife Amber became the promoter-directors. By then Raj had employed qualified staffers and appointed representatives in several work centres in India’s oil patch. Flushed with discoveries in Gujarat and Assam, ONGC rightly became more enterprising and decided to go offshore. It also set up its own offices in Mumbai (then called Bombay). SK Oilfield also followed ONGC to Bombay in order to cater to its growing requirements.    more..


 Composite Petroleum Services Pvt. Ltd is a sister company of SK Oilfield Equipment Co. Pvt. Ltd            

· We have a well equipped laboratory for repair and calibration of the mechanical and electronic downhole pressure and temperature measuring equipments.                                


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