Completion & Well Intervention

Welltec, Denmark:
well solutions from completion to well intervention and maintenance. Conveyance solutions (well tractor), mechanical solutions (manipulating valves, shifting sleeves, retrieval or deployment of gas lift valves to setting or pulling of plugs and packers for zonal management), clean out solutions (removing sand and debris to cleaning of safety valves, mandrels and profiles) milling solutions on electric line (milling nipple profiles or re-establishing access.), Riserless well intervention on electric line. Completion solutions include, welltec annular barrier for cement assurance & zonal isolation with unique Features of Solid liner functionality, Fullbore construction, Single skin design, Compartmentalization, No control lines, No swellables, Cementless completions.

NCS Multistage, USA:
NCS technology helps in controlled optimization for multistage completions which is made possible by verifiable, repeatable frac-placement and measured bottomhole pressures and temperatures for every stage. With Multistage Unlimited pinpoint fracturing, you can control exactly where fracs initiate and exactly how much proppant you put in each one. At every stage, the multistage unlimited frac-isolation assembly records actual pressures and temperatures at the frac zone and in the wellbore below. The data can further help to identify any interstage communication and describes important frac and formation characteristics.

Geodynamics Inc, USA:
Global Technology and Manufacturing Leader in Perforation and completion solutions. Engineered Perforation Explosives, Completion Products, TCP Systems, Software and state of the art Technology Evaluation Centre. Inc

Reactive Downhole Tools, UK:
An innovative isolation solutions provider with a vision to utilize high performance swelling elastomers. The Swellable Packers are available to select from more than 75 compounds both in bonded and Slip-on and can be made in all API or custom sizes.

Resman, Norway:
unique, Risk Free, Long term, Cost-Efficient, HSE – Friendly robust solution for Wireless surveillance and Inflow monitoring technology for wells using Proven Intelligent Tracer® technology. The information obtained with RESMAN Intelligent Tracer® technology provides the equivalent of a production log, but without the risk and cost of well intervention.

DIAL (Digital Intelligent Artificial Lift) is an electronically controlled gas lift mandrel, which is tubing conveyed. Each DIAL unit can have upto six injection orifices, each individually controlled from the surface, with a full spectrum of injection rate options available to the well operator. The system has two components i) Surface control system and ii) Downhole tool/unit. The surface system can plug-in with SCADA / MODBUS which will also allow you to remote control Gas injection and acquire downhole P&T from your office.

A liner-based stimulation technology which has been developed and field tested by Fishbones to be simple, efficient, and more controllable with less environmental impact. The technology uses a liner sub that houses four small-diameter, high-strength tubes/needles, each with a jet nozzle (for carbonates) and Small drill bits along with turbines (for clastics) on the end. The sub is made up to a full-length casing joint and needle assemblies up to 40 ft (12m) long are assembled in the workshop before the sub is sent to the field. The subs are run as integral parts of the liner in the open hole and are positioned across the formation where stimulation is desired. One lowered the, pumping is carried out resulting in the needles extend into the formation through the process of jetting/drilling creating multiple laterals. All laterals are created simultaneously in a short pumping job, resulting in a fishbone-style well completion with multiple laterals extending from the main bore.