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Delta Corp, Qatar:

is a leading oilfield engineering, equipment design and manufacturing company specialized in the production of wellhead systems (x-mas trees, tree caps, casing heads, casing & tubing hangers, casing & tubing spools, tubing adapters, gate valves), surface safety valves, pipeline valves. Approved by the American Petroleum Institute to apply the API Monogram on its manufactured products under specification 6A, 6D & 16A.

Derrick Equipment Company, USA:
solids control equipment: shale shakers, mud cleaners, degassers, desilters, centrifuges, screens for Derrick & other makes of shakers.

Drill Cool, USA:
The original manufacturer of Mud Coolers also known as Geo-Coolers for over 35 years. Certified by DNV (Det Norske Veritas Certification) Drill Cool offers the best Mud Cooling Systems worldwide. The focus is on controlling wellbore temperatures through the cooling of drilling fluid at the surface. Drill Cool provides unique solutions for controlling the temperature of drilling fluids for oil, gas and geothermal operations throughout the world.

Forum Energy Technologies, USA :
Forum is a global oilfield products company, serving the drilling, subsea, completion, production and infrastructure sectors of the oil and natural gas industry. The products include highly engineered capital equipment as well as products that are consumed in the drilling, well construction, production and transportation of oil and natural gas. Headquartered in Houston, Texas with manufacturing and distribution facilities strategically located around the globe. Under Drilling and Intervention the following equipment and services are provided by Forum.

  • Tubular Handling
  • Well intervention
  • Drilling Instrumentation
  • Pumps and valves
  • Mud pump fluid end assemblies
  • Manifolds and piping
  • Bearing and power transmission

McCoy Global, Canada:
Hydraulic Casing, Tubing & Drill pipe tongs, hydraulic power units, tong positioning units, dies & inserts, Wincatt torque turn management system, electronic torque trip gauge.

OES Oilfield Services, Dubai:
provide comprehensive rig inspection and audit services that cover project management, dropped object surveys, infrared thermographic surveys , vibration analysis, Ex surveys, light (lux) surveys, acoustic emission surveys, derrick inspection and specialties such as rope access and structural steel projects.

Plexus, UK:
through BOP wellhead systems for jack-up exploration drilling allow all drilling and well test activities to be completed without lifting the BOP. Available ex-stock on a rental basis, Mudline Suspension Systems offer huge savings by allowing the recovery of HP/HT exploration wells, and enabling pre-drilling of HP/HT development wells.

Thyssenkrupp Materials France (TKMF):
drill pipes, drill collar, heavy weight drill pipe, kelly, landing string, crossover, stabilizer, stabilizer forging, non-magnetic drill stem components, pre-machined whipstock, 4145H raw steel material, bored bars etc.

Kongsberg Digital, Norway:
Real Time Drilling solution-SiteCom Discovery™ is a powerful, flexible yet highly intuitive web service connected to the SiteCom® data hub. SiteCom® automatically aggregates, distributes and manages real-time data, files, reports, and other drilling communications. As the ‘front-end’ interface, SiteCom Discovery™ is the most advanced visualization tool on the market for monitoring Drilling & Evaluation (D&E) activity and recalling data. All SiteCom® D&E data, from raw and calculated curves, static objects such as lithology and BHA, and LWD images to SiteCom® generated analysis, trends and KPIs are made available in a user-friendly manner via a standard desktop web browser.

Independent Data Services (Turning Data into Knowledge), UK:
IDS is a world leader in reporting and advance data analytics and is the only reporting services company to merge daily reporting with real-time data to automate the delivery of the report and to identify Invisible Lost Time and Flat time as and when it occurs. The report data is then analyzed in the Anova service to establish benchmarks, KPI’s and Technical limit data. Following services are provided:Lean Automated Reporting (LAR), Anova Drilling Analytics, Anova DPM (Drilling Performance Monitoring) and Anova DWOK (Drilling Well On Knowledge) Dynamic Look-Ahead/Forecasting.



Air Drilling Associates


Air Drilling Associates – one of the largest providers of managed pressure, underbalanced and air/foam/aerated fluids drilling services to the petroleum and geothermal energy industries.

OES Asset Integrity Management


OES Asset Integrity Management have developed an eLearning training programme to ensure that all personnel that are working or due to work on your installations including 3rd party contractors are aware of the dangers and consequences of Potential Dropped Objects, how to prevent them, industry best practices and recommended guidelines.

Derrick Equipment Company



Our success is fully dependent on people. Priority one is to serve our global families; our tenured employees, multi-national partners, and surrounding communities. Our unique, close-knit culture and shared, long-term outlook is not only paramount to our success, but to the success of all integral stakeholders.



We work closely with E&P companies, operators, and service companies to help them save cost, improve safety, and increase efficiency of drilling operations.
Our mission is to help energy professionals at E&P companies, operators and service companies reach their goals by providing drilling and well performance solutions needed to better plan, prepare for, perform and evaluate drilling operations.