SK OILFIELD | Production & Reservoir
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Radial Drilling Services, USA –
Micro-Coil based well intervention thru the use of focused high pressure to create radial permeability channels from existing wellbores.

Restrack, Norway –
is a leading tracer service provider to oil companies world-wide. Our field-demonstrated technology is used to give information on reservoir heterogeneity, assess the effect of water & gas injection and determine the amount of remaining oil in the near-well & inter-well zone. Restrack delivers a full portfolio of integrated tracer services, including inter-well gas & water tracing, single well tracer tests (SWCTT) and partitioning interwell tracer tests (PITT). Restrack focuses on providing reservoir information which enabled our customers to improve oil recovery. We deliver an integrated service that include planning, field operation, analyses and interpretation.

Resman, Norway –
unique, Risk Free, Long term, Cost-Efficient, HSE – Friendly robust solution for Wireless surveillance and Inflow monitoring technology for wells using Proven Intelligent Tracer® technology. The information obtained with RESMAN Intelligent Tracer® technology provides the equivalent of a production log, but without the risk and cost of well intervention.

Kongsberg Digital , Norway –
LEDAFLOW is a multiphase transient simulator that models the dynamics of multiple fluid phases within wells and pipelines. Unlike single phase flow that quickly reaches a stable steady state condition when production through wells and pipes are held constant, in multiphase flow a steady state condition may take a very long time to establish and very frequently there is no true steady state. Understanding the dynamics of multiphase behaviour assures safe and reliable operation of complex productions systems from reservoir to the first stages of process. Improved prediction accuracy of transient multiphase flow allows for the design of longer multiphase pipelines, thereby reducing the amount of processing required offshore.

Kongsberg K-Spice, Norway –
: is Kongsberg’s next-generation dynamic process simulator, for detailed design and verification of oil & and gas processes and control systems at all stages of the Lifecycle process – the Lifecycle Simulation Concept. The role of the dynamic simulator changes during the project lifecycle and includes activities such as:

  • Process design verification
  • Control system design and verification
  • Process safety checks
  • Operating procedure verification
  • Operator Training
  • Post start-up modification studies
  • De-bottlenecking and optimisation
  • Planning and production support