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Kongsberg Sitecom, Norway –
Real Time Drilling solution-SiteCom Discovery™ is a powerful, flexible yet highly intuitive web service connected to the SiteCom® data hub. SiteCom® automatically aggregates, distributes and manages real-time data, files, reports, and other drilling communications. As the ‘front-end’ interface, SiteCom Discovery™ is the most advanced visualization tool on the market for monitoring Drilling & Evaluation (D&E) activity and recalling data. All SiteCom® D&E data, from raw and calculated curves, static objects such as lithology and BHA, and LWD images to SiteCom® generated analysis, trends and KPIs are made available in a user-friendly manner via a standard desktop web browser.

Kongsberg Ledaflow, Norway –
: is a multiphase transient simulator that models the dynamics of multiple fluid phases within wells and pipe networks. Unlike single phase flow that quickly reaches a stable steady state condition when production through wells and pipes are held constant, in multiphase flow a steady state condition may take a very long time to establish and very frequently there is no true steady state. Understanding the dynamics of multiphase behaviour assures safe and reliable operation of complex productions systems from reservoir to the first stages of process. Improved prediction accuracy of transient multiphase flow allows for the design of longer multiphase pipelines, thereby reducing the amount of processing required offshore.

Kongsberg K-Spice, Norway –
is Kongsberg’s next-generation dynamic process simulator, for detailed design and verification of oil & and gas processes and control systems at all stages of the Lifecycle process – the Lifecycle Simulation Concept. The role of the dynamic simulator changes during the project lifecycle and includes activities such as:

  • Process design verification
  • Control system design and verification
  • Process safety checks
  • Operating procedure verification
  • Operator Training
  • Post start-up modification studies
  • De-bottlenecking and optimisation
  • Planning and production support

Independent Data Services, UK-

Turning Data into Knowledge: IDS is a world leader in reporting and advance data analytics and is the only reporting services company to merge daily reporting with real-time data to automate the delivery of the report and to identify Invisible Lost Time and Flat time as and when it occurs. The report data is then analyzed in the Anova service to establish benchmarks, KPI’s and Technical limit data. Following services are provided: Lean Automated Reporting (LAR), Anova Drilling Analytics, Anova DPM (Drilling Performance Monitoring) and Anova DWOK (Drilling Well On Knowledge) Dynamic Look-Ahead/Forecasting.

Evaluate Energy, UK –
With the latest asset and corporate valuations, M&A deals, corporate financials, operating data and refinery projects at your fingertips, it is used by some of the largest companies in the industry to track opportunities, market movements and competitors. We offer several services – Evaluate Energy, an online service covering global oil and gas, and CanOils, an online service focusing on all oil and gas companies and their activities in Canada – including the oil sands. Information on latest asset and corporate valuations, M&A Deals, Corporate Financials and Operating Data is available.

DrillingInfo, USA –
Leading E&P intelligence and database provider with coverage of USA, Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, Africa, Latin America, Asia and Australasia enabling companies to maximize ROI by relating above ground opportunities to below the ground risks, view E&P activity reports with maps, have a single user interface to view government bid rounds, farm-in information, future and potential farm-ins, and out of round blocks and a lot more. Drilling info software ‘Transform Essential’ provides powerful analytics and interpretive capabilities via geological, geophysical, engineering, and land tools that allow companies to share and collaborate with everyone throughout the organization.