Completion & Well Intervention

Silver Well

Digital Intelligent Gas Lift System Allowing Remote Manipulation Of Gas Injection Without Intervention



Downhole Tools International

Manufacturer Of Downhole Tools For E-Line, Slickline, Coil Tubing, Flow Control. M-Bubble Ultra High Expansion Plug.


E-Line & Tractor Based Intervention As An Alternate To Ctu & Workover Rig, Eliminate Scp, Wab Annular Barrier, Flow Valves, P&A



GEO Dyanamics

Innovative, Patented Perf Solutions And Tcp Systems: Connex Reactive Charges, Razor Big & Deep Hole Charges, Geopunch Dynamic Underbalanced Perforating, Hellfire Plug & Perf Charges, Eclipse Gun Assy, Perforation Technology Simulation & Evaluation Center, Wireline Release Technology, Smartstart Plus Time Delay Test + Frac Valve, Quickstart Inject + Frac Valve, Evlov + Fractrap Ball Conveyance & Retrieval System.


Leader In Lower Completion Technology: Inflow Control (> 50,000 Installation), Sand Control (> 100,000 Installations & 1 Million Sand Screens), Wireless Completions, Reservoir Monitoring (> 250 Installations Of Fibre Optic Dts, Wireless Pdg), Zonal Isolation (> 60,000 Swell Packers Installed). Pulse-8 Redeployable, Re-Programmable Wireless Completion. Wireline Deployed At Any Depth. Uses Fluid Harmonics Telemetry, 2-Way Cable-Free Coms.